Welcome to Humble Tea Leaf!

Update: December 14th, 2016.

I’m a French-Russian living in Brooklyn, New York. I’m a —add “passionate” in front of all of the following: tea lover, nature lover, geeky researcher, traveler, third culture kid, artist, photography enthusiast, foodie. Humble Tea Leaf is my little creative space where I share my love for tea, photography, community and hopefully more.
I hope this blog inspires you and allows you to discover something new. Feel free to leave a comment and follow me on  Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin’

To read the whole “How it all started” story, I suggest you click here otherwise the quick answer below:
I started this blog in 2011. I haven’t been doing such a great job at updating it at the beginning. I admit, the main reason was a certain insecurity in writing in English. I always feel, if it’s not “perfect”, it shouldn’t be published and shared worldwide. But if I hold on to that thinking, I’ll never learn, improve or do anything. So here’s my plan. I will start working on this blog again. Tea is just a fascinating topic and the tea blogging community is honestly great!
They are several topics I want to cover for a long time, so stay tuned. I personally learned a lot from researching and trying to write for this blog. I love photography, so all the photos illustrating the tea reviews are mine.

Thanks for reading, enjoy my little tea cyber-space.

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    • Hey Bonnie, super excited to read your comments!! It’s really encouraging as I am trying to define this blog’s identity a bit. Really fan of yours btw, so happy to connect. Also I noticed that you have a soft spot for French things 🙂

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