Welcome to Humble Tea Leaf!

Humble Tea Leaf is a blog dedicated to sharing the love of tea with others, founded by Eleonora, a tea enthusiast originally from Russia who has lived in France for almost two decades and currently resides in New York. Eleonora discovered the joys of tea very young through her family and friends, and developed a deep appreciation for its cultural significance and health benefits. Her passion for tea led her to create Humble Tea Leaf, a blog that explores the world of tea, offering insights into tea history, culture, and brewing techniques. From product reviews to new discoveries, the blog provides a wealth of information for tea lovers of all levels. Eleonora also maintains two other blogs: Citizenfall (or Falling into Places), which focuses on expatriation, immigration, and multiple citizenship, and Eleonora.nyc, which is more like a portfolio with a section on art history and art discoveries at the MET. With her unique perspective and dedication to her passions, Eleonora’s blogs offer a glimpse into her fascinating world and provide readers with informative and engaging content.


    1. Hey Bonnie, super excited to read your comments!! It’s really encouraging as I am trying to define this blog’s identity a bit. Really fan of yours btw, so happy to connect. Also I noticed that you have a soft spot for French things 🙂

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