Sharing some Yixing Passion


The first time I’ve heard of Yixing Clay and Yixing teapots, it’s was like “Love at the first sight”. I know it sounds kind of extreme. But, if I was a collector of anything, that would be ‘THE’ thing for me to collect and decorate my entire house with. Yes this is a true passion, but my passion stayed confined in my unmaterial mind only. Meaning… I am happy enough to look at these art pieces on the web, enjoy different shapes and all. Sometimes I get to see them in real and enjoy the 2 I have home, but that’s about it for now. I just don’t like to move too many things and I love to travel light, (If I can)

In this blog, I will post some pictures of the ones I own. I also own a vintage Yixing teapot, even though I use it with the same type of tea right now, it’s hard to tell how it was used before, so it’s a little bit… well that’s why I got a new one.

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