Ten Ren Oolong

Ten Ren Oolong


Well, it’s not the first time I mentioned this place (Ten Ren). Someone form Twitter recommended to me once, and I decided to take a look at it, and bought these 2 Oolongs.

Pouchong on the left and Basic Green Oolong on the right.

They don’t have that much of a choice, just a couple of them, most of them from Taiwan.

I don’t know if it’s because the people there are Chinese-american, and a little bit reserved by nature, but even though the person who served me was very nice, he didn’t explain me more in detail about the tea itself. So well, I just picked a basic Green Oolong, in the middle prices and a Pouchong (Light Oolong as well, I think it was the Second Grade)

I would definitely go back again, and try few more. I anyone has any other recommendation, I will try to go visit some other places in Manhattan, Chinatown, or eventually in Queens.

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