Tea News That Caught My Attention–Calendar Week 5

The National Hot Tea Month is coming to an end. I stumbled upon some very nice tea related articles this month and this week isn’t an exception. So let’s get straight to the selection of this week, as usual in my order of preference:

  • USA: In China’s City of Yixing, Everyone Is Fluent in Pottery (I found this great read via Nicole Martin from Tea for Me Please. I am obsessed with Yixing clay tea pots, I wish I could collect bunch of them, too bad I am trying to convert into minimalism…so it’s contradicting my personal effort to declutter. I own 2 already, looking for another one for my Puerhs. I always imagined how they are made, this article satisfied my curiosity. Now I know how to differentiate the handmade teapots.)
Yixing Clay teapot maker. Yafang Jiang.
Yixing Clay teapot maker. Yafang Jiang.

Matcha Tasting

  • USA: American Kids Try Tea from Around the World (This is a cute one to watch…it’s definitely a good question to ask ourselves, right? Gotta love it when kids see the Moroccan style tea pouring :p)


  1. Great post! btw, I bought this antioxidant tea from a company called ‘Your Tea’ and am wondering what your review/opinion/endorsement of them are. tinyteatox dot tumblr is their website. The tea ingredients are Yin Xing, Du Zhong, Ren Shen, Ling Zhi, and other things I’m sure I can’t pronounce.

    1. What is it exactly? The brand and the tea? If you’re interested in something in particular, let me know, some of the best/fresh stuff when it comes to tea, is better found online, believe it or not 🙂

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