Where to buy tea

I rarely purchased my tea online in the past. But now since a couple of years, I tried various tea sold online and I loved them. I also ordered tea via friends when they traveled to China or Taiwan. As you might know, some of the world’s most prized teas such as Longjing also known as Dragon Well doesn’t leave China. I will keep updating this list organized by specialty.

Chinese & Taiwanese Teas

  • Chawangshop (Specializing in Puerh)
  • Crimson Lotus (Specializing in Puerh)
  • Eco-Cha (Traditional oolongs from Taiwan)
  • Jing Tea (Specializing in fine teas, based in the UK)
  • Radiance Tea House (Midtown, Manhattan, NY)
  • Red Blossom (Specializing in traditionally crafted teas-Chinatown, San Francisco)
  • Song Tea (Specializing in traditional and rare tea from China and Taiwan)
  • TanLong Tea (Specializing in ancient wild teas)
  • Three Friends Tea House (Specializing in limited edition Taiwanese Oolong)
  • (Specializing in Taiwanese oolong teas-Manhattan, NY)
  • Tea Classico (Specializing in Puerh & traditionally crafted teas)
  • TeaVivre (Online)
  • Ten Ren Tea House (Specializing in Oolong and ginseng-Chinatown, NY)
  • T-Shop (Manhattan, NY)
  • Verdant Tea (Fine tea directly from small farms)
  • White2Tea (No BS Tea seller based in China offering affordable Oolongs & Puerhs)
  • Yunnan Sourcing (Specializing in Puerh)

 Japanese Matcha

  • Aiya (A family owned company specializing in Matcha green tea since 1888)
  • Breakaway Matcha (Specializing in hyperpremium matcha)
  • in pursuit of tea
  • Ippodo (A 300-year-old company based in Kyoto with a store in Manhattan)
  • Nohohon (Matcha from Shizuoka directly imported by owner)
  • O-Cha

Indian Teas

Master Tea Blends 


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