ITO EN Sencha or Oolong Shots

The other day, I went to visit a friend of a friend of mine. This friend: Hisao Hanafusa, is a Japanese artist and has his atelier on 26th Street. You can actually read this NY Times article about shoji screens and also like his Facebook page, he really is the sweetest man. Anyway, we went there with a friend, and they greeted us with this drink, I hope Zui reads this and appreciate the credit I gave him back in this post 🙂 ☛

ITO EN Sencha Shot, Japanese Green Tea

Well, I have seen the drink in Whole Foods Stores and in Asian stores in K-Town. But never really bought.

Actually the company: ITO EN, has 3 version, as shots

☛The Maté Sencha Shot

☛The Oolong Shot

☛Sencha Shot

The last one, is the only one I tried. And honestly it’s pretty good. It’s not sweetened which is GREAT! Especially if you’re a real tea lover, you’re happy to finally find a production without sugar. Tea does not need sugar at all. Just a reminder…because here in the U.S they put sugar on everything, everywhere and most importantly anywhere where you don’t need it at all!

ITO EN Sencha Shot Ingredients

The nice thing on this drink is its short list of ingredients:

☛Purified Water


☛Ascorbic acid*

Their products are made in Japan, so it’s pretty cool. FYI, According to Wikipedia 80%  of the world’s supply of ascorbic acid is produced in China. Honestly I personally avoid anything from China when it comes to Food, Drinks, but well not sure it’s a huge issue for this product. But still wanted to mention it.

Here also the link to their Shots selection.

I personally want to try the Oolong one, will probably review it later, and find some background information as well.

The Company on twitter:

* Another name of Ascorbic Acid is Vitamin C

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