Grounded in the West Village not only offers Coffee, Tea…but also “Tea Sniffing”.

The other day, a friend and I decided to go check out some Coffee places recommended by a blog called “Eatery Expert“.

Even though Manhattan offers a large choice of ☕Coffee places☕, It does not mean “Quality” is that easy to find. And my friend is a “Barista” type, she lived in Austria for a long time and was used to “european” expressos (…meaning: “real coffee”). Anyway…we checked two places. . . (You might wonder at this point, why I am talking about Coffee when it is supposed to be a tea blog… well, we went to a second place in the West Village: “Grounded“, I found this little counter, and this little Sniffing collection… of course, I could not resist. So I had to take some pictures to share with you guys.

Smelling tea, is definitely something Tea lovers can’t resist.
The “Barista|Tea” Counter
Basic Tea

Grounded offers Organic Teas. They are saying on their website, that their loyal coffee customers started to increasingly order loose teas. Considering this demand, the Coffee started to also offer several teas… “Though most New Yorkers are considered proud members of America’s vast “coffee culture,” we noticed a strange occurrence at our cafe. Many of our loyal customers were opting out of the traditional coffee mold and, instead, ordering loose tea by the cup & pot from our then modest tea list.”

Actually, it’s a nice place to check out, maybe avoid rush hours…so that you can get a seat. Check their menu before, they have so many choices. They also have free wifi.



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