The first class High Mountain Tea, Master selected in Taiwan

Approved by Ben, the Englishman

Actually, I heard about this tea by Ben. Apparently someone who just came back from Taiwan left 2 boxes of this nice Oolong downstairs, on the 6th Floor for everyone to enjoy. (New Tang Dynasty Television’s Staff)
Just to give you a background, most of the staff here is from Chinese/Taiwanese origin, so drinking tea is more common than usual “coffee breaks”. “New York is home to a more coffee-focused population” (WSJ)

Hey, by the way…if you haven’t switched yet…it’s about time. Also check Ben’s video on How to Brew Taiwanese High Mountain Tea.

The instructions are in Chinese. Too bad I can’t understand
This is how it looks when you open the metallic box

I found this Tea Test online….it’s a lot of fun…check it out.

I wanted to write more about tea in general on this post. But I guess I will share my research with you guys on the next posts.


    1. It’s pretty hard to get this tea on a tea website. I got mine through a friend traveling to Taiwan. But if you are interested a friend of mine can import some. I am myself looking for options to get some Alishan Oolong whenever I feel like it. Sorry for the late reply by the way. I will have a post about Alishan Oolong very soon. Planning to update more often too. Thanks for reading!

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