Reviewing The Tea Steeping Tumbler with Tea Infuser

Here another Tea Tumbler I got after the Aladdin Travel Mug.

First of all, I love the design of this one. It’s less bulky than the Aladdin one, it’s more colorful, (Also exists in Green)

I kept the sticker for you guys 🙂

First of all, I have it for few weeks now, and tried to use it as much as I could. I have already few pros+ and cons- regarding this one.

Here the positive points:

  • 1. The Removable tea filter (basket) is really nice, I keep using it for other things actually. +++
  • 2. The Design is very nice, it takes no room in a bag. ++
  • 3. I has not leaked or broke yet. For me it’s a ++

For the less positive ones:

  • 1. The stainless steel makes my tea taste weird. So I won’t brew any nice tea I have in this. —
  • 2. I have to remove the tea infuser right after I brewed the tea, otherwise it still is in contact with the hot water. —
  • 3. It’s kind of hard to open. But it’s a small –
Tea Tumbler in full (with label even)
Tea Tumbler with removable tea filter
Removable Tea filter with cap
How the tea unfolds from the inside
Stainless Steel

Just one last thing. I don’t know where to buy this Tea Tumbler, I got it as a gift again. But I found some “cheap looking” version here.

When I find out, I’ll let you guys know.



  1. Does any one know where I can buy the seals for this tea tumbler. My daughter took them out to clean her cup really well and they were thrown away by mistake.

    1. Sadly, I think you can’t get the seal alone. You might need to buy a new tumbler. I know it sucks but I had the same issue with other containers…I got a super tidy with the lids later on, storing them in the same area in order to avoid losing them. Sorry to hear you lost the lid.

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