Entering 2012 with some wisdom around Tea and Chinese culture.

I will start the year with this post, I personally need to reflect on.  A friend of mine shared this quote on her Facebook wall. I think it reflects a lot on things I personally need to seriously consider as the New Year starts.

“If you care about others, but they still remain aloof, then you should ask yourself if you are truly kind. If you advise others unsuccessfully, you should ask yourself if you are truly wise. If you are courteous to others but they do no reciprocate, then you should ask yourself if you are truly sincere. When you do something but do not get a response, don’t complain about others. You should first look within and find where you have to change yourself.” – Mencius (Chinese philosopher)

Since it’s my first 2012 post. I might make it a little more diverse. Of course it still is all about tea here 🙂

I found the topic of tea very vast. Tea, is also pretty much connected to culture. And when you think about it, it always goes back to the old “story of the origine of tea”. This aspect has always been very interesting to me since the origine of tea takes place in China. And Chinese culture is something I have had deep interest in for many years. (If you’re curious, I found this great post about “Kangxi Emperor’s tea cups and Chinese porcelain history“.

My favorite Gaiwan Tea cup with floral ornements

We have to remember, that back in the past, tea was consumed as a luxury item, on special occasions. I guess like Chocolate was. And now its value is totally different. Not to say it has no real meaning to people, except the health benefits. I find the traditional aspect something very valuable, we should learn to re-appreciate.

Shen Yun and traditional Chinese culture. 

Using arts to bring something uplifting to people.

Actually there is something I would recommend to everyone interested in Arts and in Culture in general. It is a performance called Shen Yun.

This performing arts company is touring the whole world. So wherever you are you have a chance to see it. For more touring information you can visit their website (On the top left you have all the cities listed).

I have seen the performance last year. They actually just launched their 2012 Tour. Here a video of the audience feedback from last New York performance at Lincoln Center. I actually plan to see it in either in January or April in New York, or maybe Philadelphia too.

I think that anyone interested in learning how tradition can enhance today’s life, should see it. It’s really worth it on so many ways. The Chinese civilization brought us so many things we take for granted nowadays. On this show, it’s actually more about the universal message than the “chinese pride”. That’s an aspect I like. Because I can relate to that, even though I cherish my own Russian heritage and Russian culture. Well take a look and let me know what you think.

If you’re interested NPR Radio interviewed Jared Madsen the Master of Ceremonies and Ying Chen, the Orchestra director of their company. Really interesting to hear them talk about the performance.


Direct link➫ Shen Yun at Lincoln Center, NY


    1. Thanks Marcus. The Chinese were saying quite interesting things, huh? After such a long time, it still is applicable to today’s life.

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