How to properly store you tea

When you start “collecting” different loose teas, you’ll wonder where  and how to store it.

Tea’s life, quality and flavor depends on quality storage.

Tea will absorb odors, humidity and any sort of toxins in the air. Actually, that is also why I use my infused tea leaves to absorb bad odors in my fridge. Then I through them away in my compost.

Avoid these 5 tea flavors assassins


will degrade your tea by stripping if from its natural color and of course its flavor ➞Dark place, Tea tin.


will degrade your tea, causing decay and naturally loss of flavor, quality ➞No fridge, Sealable container.


will degrade your tea as well, summer is approaching ➞Cool place, Away from stove, oven.


will absorb good and bad odors, better avoid putting it near anything with strong odors (Spices, oignons…)➞Avoid spice cabinet.


will absorb every particles in the air (air also carries moisture and odors)➞Avoid porous packaging materials

By avoiding these 5 elements, you’ll be able to preserve the freshness of your tea, as well as its flavor and quality.

This cherry-wood box presents a double lid inside to preserve the freshness of your teas
This cherry-wood box presents a double lid inside to preserve the freshness of your tea
Cherry wood box
Open metal tea canister
Tea canister with the double lid

Here few pictures of one of my tea canisters. You will notice the double lid, something pretty common for tea containers.

I got that one in Paris, 4 or 5 years ago at the Mariage Frères store in Place des Ternes. It’s kind of pricy for what it is, even though it’s a very nice one, in cherry wood. They sell it for 46€ on their website.

Well I took the pictures outside, and of course there is air and bright light…but it was for the sake of the photo.

Here an example of how tea is sealed

Usually tea stores online are very meticulous when it comes to the storage of the tea they ship. Lately I received  some samples of Tea Vivre (I will review them soon on this blog) and their storage was great. Double wrapped and all, plus the box etc.

TeaVivre packaging
Samples inside the packaging (TeaVivre)

Actually they also have great posts about storage for Pu-erh or other teas.

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