Arya Ruby Darjeeling by Golden Tips

Here’s another post about a tea by Golden Tips, a tea company from India. What I like about this company is that they focus on what they do best, Indian teas from single estates, and it’s their marketing moto as well: “100% Pure Single Origin Unblended Teas from India”

This time I tried the Arya Ruby Darjeeling.

  • First Flush (Spring)
  • Grade: FTFGOP1 Ruby*
Golden Tips Arya Ruby Darjeeling, First Flush
Golden Tips Arya Ruby Darjeeling, First Flush

I am not a huge drinker of Indian teas in general. But having received so many nice samples from this company, I really learned to appreciate them and discover the unique taste of Darjeeling. I had a lot of Darjeeling teas recently…

Somehow, I associate it with milk and honey in my mind. I read a review of the same Darjeeling from the Arya Estate (but second flush) by Nicole Martin (Tea For me Please) and she recommended it without milk, even on the second flush. I can really understand why. I tried this tea on two different days. One day without milk and the second day I tried the Milk Tea version…just because I didn’t really fall in love for this tea as much as I did for the Darjeeling from the Jungpana estate I reviewed earlier (also courtesy of Golden Tips).

I know, I know, especially since it’s the first Flush and it’s a shame to add milk to it. But I found it quite strong and distinctive, I admit, it was a bit of an unusual taste for me, someone a bit novice when it comes to fine Darjeeling teas.

*Regarding the grade of this tea: FTFGOP1 Ruby. I have no clue what it means. I know about the FTGFOP (“Far Too Good For Ordinary People“) but the FTFGOP, can’t figure it out, maybe it means…. “Far Too Fabulous For Ordinary People” haha!

Arya Ruby Darjeeling Black Tea First Flush
Arya Ruby Darjeeling Black Tea First Flush, with golden tips

Anyway it was far too fabulous for me, as I swallow my last sip of this tea (a bit cold now)…and yes indeed, it’s woodsy and sweet. It’s just a bit too rich for me, and has far too much personality I guess. Still really enjoyable!


Some of the replies I got to the question about the grade:

This is the main leaf grade and packed from dryer mouth as green leaf were very selective and special. This was made during the second flush time and both liquor and infusion are ruby in the colours ..that is why it’s called Ruby. ..lovely tea from the clone known as a AV2. ~ Nalin Modha

I called the manager of the shop I buy my tea from and he said it is a superior grade and the 1 ususally refers to the crop so this one would be the first crop. If it had a 2, it would mean 2nd crop, etc.  ~ Linda Medlin Hinson

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