The Ingenious Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar

There is some real thought put into this, how to combine one of the most popular beverage in the world with the oldest advertising medium… (Not sure if a calendar is only that)

So from watching the video, to stay in the race of a very competitive tea market, Hälssen & Lyon tried to come up with an innovative concept. (More about the creative team)

Combining the oldest drinking world with the oldest advertising medium, to create something completely new

I feel it’s a bit sad in a way, tea in itself is such a great product if it’s produced well by people who really care about the art, the terroir, the quality and the tradition. It’s an amazing product in itself. Isn’t it a bit an “old” trick to try to add a modern touch to everything that is apparently “old” and “traditional” spark interest and sales actually.

The Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar was developed at Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg
The Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar was developed at Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg

Apparently it works, if you read the comments on the official video (I couldn’t embed the video here because it’s unlisted but click here anyway) Some of the comments are surprising:

How do we become a partner of H+L? ~Özgür Özcan

It’s not for sale yet because it is in development but I really really want this. Even if it costs 200€ ~Anne van den Hof

Really really really want one of these, What an amazing idea, ~SpankyDaM

and my two favorite:

Shut up and take my money!~Tiffany Wricks

Despite being a redneck from Texas, i would totally buy this.~raybands25

The concept is still in development I believe, even though the promotional video has been released in 2013.

Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar
Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar

I must say, I am not surprised with the concept coming from Hälssen & Lyon (or the Advertising Agency rather), it just embodies everything German to me= minimal waste + recycling + healthy drink + ingenuity.

I wonder if it will be a stepping stone in modern tea marketing. They are some very creative tea enthusiasts out there, such as Joey Roth with his Sorapot.

Sorapot Modern Teapot by Joey Roth
Sorapot Modern Teapot by Joey Roth

I am curious about the ink used to print the date…not so thrilled about drinking ink, even food grade ink. But I would be curious to try a cup of this calendar tea.

And you would you buy this calendar?

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