Would you buy this hourglass shaped tea steeper ?

I am not sure why I am into modern designs lately. You might have seen my recent post about the Tea Calendar designed by a German agency. I asked around and most people liked the idea but weren’t convinced by the execution.

Here’s another tea product in stage of the development: The Hourglass shaped tea steeper. It’s actually an interesting concept, and it’s really nice to see the leaves expand and steep freely. Pengtao Yu is an Industrial designer based in San Francisco. He is the creative mind behind this nice and clean concept. I think it’s great for anyone steeping Oolongs, and teas you can just infuse many many times, it makes it very easy and mess free. It’s a great tea accessory for tea lovers working at a desk job.

Hourglass Tea Maker by Pengtao Yu:
Hourglass Tea Maker by Pengtao Yu

Since it’s in development, there isn’t much information about the product yet, except on Pengtao’s website and it doesn’t look like it’s a new thing (2011). I guess we will have to see if it’s going to actually be sold one day. Interesting nevertheless. In case you are interested in knowing the status of this tea steeper, you can reach the designer at pengtaoyu[at]gmail.com

How it works
How it works



    1. Hi Tegan, I don’t remember how I found it but I am not sure it’s available. Sometimes designers come up with ideas but it doesn’t really reach the stores (sadly)

  1. I admit I am taken in by that design and I am often weak for things that “look sharp” or have a good shape in regards to kitchen/living items. Of course those are quality photos so maybe it would look less fancy in real life sitting in my kitchen!

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