Tea News That Caught My Attention–Calendar Week 2

I will take advantage of having this blog to share some tea news stories I came across this week. Fear of Tea FOMO? I don’t know, but I will give this a try on a regular basis and see how it goes and if you guys like it.

I love to scroll through newsfeeds, tweets, articles on pocket, answers on quora…then pick things related to a topic and analyze it, read more and at the end lose myself in the most obscure topics such as the “Oldest Cave Paintings” for example. But here I am going to try something with tea. Tea isn’t only my favorite drink. It is Humanity’s favorite drink. Tea plays a crucial role in the economy of countries such as China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Japan and Turkey for example. So they are a lot of potential global stories to be shared. I hope this weekly list is helpful and informative. In my opinion the 2 stories at the end are a bit of a stretch, but I couldn’t miss the anti-smog tea, it was a pearl!

This week’s headlines–Week of January 9th 2017, Calendar Week 2.

I tried to put them in order of preference 😊

Tea Time in Kashmir (Sajad Rafiq)

Tea Time in Kashmir (Photo: Sajad Rafiq)

  • Europe: Not your granny’s tea set (Who’s not captivated by a modern design on a classic? Even though I will stick with the old fashion mason jar or the timeless Gaiwan)
Teapot designed by Helena Rohner

Teapot designed by Helena Rohner

A little bit of crazy in a mad world tea headlines:

  • China: ‘Anti-smog tea’ unhelpful: TCM expert (No kidding?! This one made it to the headlines of the Chinese state owned publications, almost smells like Onions😟)

I am not going to link it to Chinese websites because, well, it’s a bit ridiculous, but apparently some people came up with a formula to relieve people from the terrible Chinese smog. Results aren’t convincing…The Traditional Chinese Medicine expert says that:

 “What we eat or drink is digested and absorbed in our digestive system, while the PM2.5 particles enter our respiratory system through the nose. The two systems are independent,”

….sorry but it sounds quite scary.


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