Tea News That Caught My Attention–Calendar Week 3

A lot of non-tea related things happened this week but I have been having my daily seeps regardless. I am about to finish my stash of Earl Grey I buy in bulk at the Oriental Pastry & Grocery on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. I love going there to get my raw almonds, cardamon seeds and things like that…and the two brothers who own the store are the sweetest people ever.

I have also been having Matcha, and I finished my very last stash of Jungpana Darjeeling. It was sad but at the same time I made the mistake of having it last night while finishing some work and it got me super excited/hyper. It doubt my enthusiasm was the result only of completing that huge assignment. Also I have like a hundred headlines related to tea to go through, but here’s this week’s selection anyway!

This week’s headlines–Week of January 16th 2017, Calendar Week 3.

I tried to put them in order of preference 😊


Tea shop in Kurdistan

Tea shop in Kurdistan

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